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Cabernet? Merlot? How can I tell what I am drinking?

Cabernet? Merlot? How can I tell what I am drinking?

Author: Richard & Rosanne/Wednesday, July 2, 2014/Categories: What's In Your Glass

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Spanish wines taste great but how can I tell what they are?

In what we call ‘the new world’, grape varieties are usually stated on the front label or sometimes the back label. Not so, usually, in places like Spain, Italy, France etc. (a.k.a. ‘the old world’). It is all about tradition. Instead of having a grape variety on the label, they have a region. For example: Rioja, north-central Spain, or Rueda (north-western Spain) could be on the label. Each region is known for specific red and/or white grapes. Tempranillo is the red grape king in Rioja. It is a medium-bodied red wine with tons of flavour. It is very food friendly and goes with beef, lamb, cheese, spicy sausages like chorizo and so much more.

Rueda is known mostly for their white wines made from Verdejo, Viura, Sauvignon Blanc to name a few. The wines are also medium-bodied, flavourful, crisp and elegant. They go great with pasta with pesto sauce, fish and shellfish, roasted vegetables, Indian food and a lot more.

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